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HappyBucket Mobile App

HappyBucket is a Brisbane based online shop of children’s clothing that aims to become a recognised household name in each family. They realised that launching a mobile application will not only help the business build a relationship with their client base, but also act as a sales-driving strategy, alerting their clients on new promotions and products.

The launch of the mobile app has made online shopping for young parents easier, simpler, and more attractive. We continue to support the HappyBucket family and continuously think of new features and improvements collaboratively.

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    Ionic + Angular

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    iOS & Android Mobile Applications


    Online Payments

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We are a family

As a family-founded organisation, we run our teams in the same way we do our family – with honesty, reliability, respect, and dedication. We communicate transparently, frequently, and always deliver to high-quality standards.

We analyse before we do

We see the value in acquiring a full understanding of the business problem before moving onto development, which is why requirements elicitation remains a core part of our software development process.

We over deliver

While there is a proposal with agreed scope, we always go above and beyond to ensure that each software product meets our strict quality standards and ultimately exceeds your expectations.

Our strong technical knowledge

Our team consists of highly experienced software engineering professionals, with particular strengths in backend .Net, C#, and complex system integrations.

We build relationships, not client bases

We take pride in remaining true to ourselves and being transparent with our clients.

We are reasonably priced

Customers seeking a solution designed and built for a very reasonable price whilst still being of the very highest level of quality will find Snapio is the ideal partner.

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