We are your in-house, off-site talent solution

Snapio Pty Ltd is an Australian Software Development Company that specialises in supplying and managing dedicated Mobile, Web and Software Development Teams to organisations across Australia.

Snapio's aim is to bridge the gap between your needs for highly-specialised technical resources and our highly skilled pool of talent.

We recruit, build, and manage remote teams ready to be engaged in any project where their skills are of need. Our team's aim is to collaborate with our client's existing team to deliver the best result.

How can Snapio help reduce costs while keeping high-quality services standards?

While the COVID-19 crisis is confronting our tech businesses with challenges, it has also introduced an opportunity to change our ways of work to a more productive, sustainable and cost-effective way - through embracing remote work.

Even when the crisis is behind us all, I believe that remote working is here to stay. According to a recent survey carried out by Deloitte, more than 70% agreed that they are just as efficient or even more efficient when working remotely!

Work from home has been an integral part of the way we work at Snapio, and over time we have established a strategy for online communication, building team spirit and online recruitment.

We at Snapio want to help businesses reap the benefits of remote working over the long-term. We are excited to offer a new service: Team as a Service. With our Team as a Service, you will be able to hire not just one developer but a whole team of highly skilled and experienced software developers from all over the world.

While we may not revolutionise anything here, we offer a slightly different model than simply off-shore outsourcing.

The Snapio Team as a Service model will have the key management personnel, such as Technical Lead, Project Manager, and Business Analyst, located in Australia, instead of overseas as it is with most outsourcing teams. We understand the importance of face-to-face communication as well as local knowledge and local culture.

In cases where employees are not needed for the full duration of the project, our model would allow you to pay for their time only if you need it.

For example, if your Australian-based Tech Lead, Project Manager, and Business Analyst were needed for only 50% of the day - you would only need to pay for 50% of their daily rate.

what will you get?

● Your very own off-site, in-house team.

● Working only on your projects, with no interruptions.

● Increased code quality and overall performance than offshore outsourcing.

● Use collaborative tools similar to yours.

● Highly skilled and experienced team, with resumes of all team members, provided for your review if required

Why work with Snapio?

● We are a very experienced and dedicated bunch of Software Engineers, Tech Leads, Architects and Business Analysts.

● We are passionate and want to get out to the market by delivering the highest quality software development services.

● We understand that while trust and respect need to be earned, as with many startups - we are looking for a helping hand so we can prove ourselves.

Give us a chance and you will not be disappointed!

NOTE!Snapio is your choice in the world of Software Development. Contact us now!