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While the global software development job market faces a massive shortage of tech talent, there is a growing need to fill up the growing demand with a more targeted, smarter supply of skills and resources than the traditional methods. This is the story of how the software development team Snapio is helping Australian and US-based small-medium companies innovate without sacrificing time efficiency, quality of product and good communication.

The problem: putting a development team together

With more than 80% of companies in the US, Canada and Australia using overseas developers to back up their business activities, issues like global pandemics and various global disruptions such as labour sanctions can cause major issues to those companies. It comes without surprise that 67% of organisations agree that skills shortage is preventing them from keeping up with the pace of change.

Not only that, but the scarcity of qualified software developers makes it extremely difficult for companies to be more productive and find suitable, compatible and knowledgeable candidates, with most spending an average of 66 days to fill a vacant tech job. On top of all that, if we also take the changing nature of work and the changing nature of team leadership that Covid has introduced us to, it becomes harder to put together and manage a good team than ever.

Our Solution: Snapio’s model of work

Snaoio’s model of work is specifically designed for companies wanting to increase their existing development capacity and technical capabilities without needing to hire individual contractors. Our teams are trained, and experienced and are available to offload our clients on relatively short notice. How do we do that? Our model of work is simple - pay per scope and not per time.

Example of a sample project structure
  • Quick discovery call - free
  • Initial Planning & Scoping - $X fixed
  • Development & Go live
    • Module 1 - $X fixed
    • Module 2 - $X fixed
    • Module 3 - $X fixed
  • Ongoing Support ($X per month)

Reason 1: Pay only for what you need

Out of a 7-hour workday, 47% of people report that they spend less than 4-5 hours a day on their core functions, with around half of them reporting to have only spent an hour or so each day on those core job functions. There are incredible benefits to having an onsite team that is dedicated to your brand and company alone, but it is not always possible with the absence of resources, management, office space and dedication. With salaries of developers averaging $120K a year, hiring a developer as a full-timer is not cheap at all for small-medium businesses, let alone a whole team. Under the Snbapio model, clients never pay for our slack time but only for getting things done at a fixed rate known to them in advance.

Reason 2: get the whole team at a simple easy to understand rate

While finding a developer alone may be hard enough, hiring a whole team is even more complex. Not only that it takes time to find the right people with the right skills, certifications, experiences and capabilities, but it takes incredible effort and experience to put all team members together and get them to work together cohesively and effectively.

The Snapio model gets you access to the whole development team at a fixed cost, pay per job done. We have all skilled labour that needs to be involved either in-house or through partners like developers, UX designers, project management and business analysis. Our clients get access to all team members that their project requires when they require them. Not only that but we are able to deliver value to our clients much more quickly than a brand new team, as we have already matured to become a cohesive team over the years which already gets along well.

The Snapio Model of Communication
You will closely work with one of Snapio's key contacts to tap into the Snapio talent

Reason 3: Scarce resources cost a lot of money to find and keep

Those who work in the tech industry for long enough realise that there is a great difference between a junior developer and a senior, and it is not about age. Senior developers are capable of writing complex applications and are comfortable working in different areas of the application, database and services with a much larger domain knowledge than a junior developer. Because senior developers are even harder to find, they become a scarce resource in today’s tech society. Snapio was founded by Nikolay Sherbakov and Sergey Chtcherbakov, senior developers who have had close to 20 years of experience in the industry, making their expert knowledge and experience accessible to clients of Snapio for advice and correct architecture of the system.

Traditional Contractor vs Snapio
Snapio's model serves those companies that want to develop fast while saving time and money


While the shortage of skills is our reality, software development companies like Snapio readily make skills and labour available using flexible and comfortable models such as the Snapio model. Not only that our clients access quality resources at fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time developer, but our clients also choose us because we are excited to provide them with long-term service that extends beyond ticking boxes and stretches out to evolving with their goals and vision.

New here?

Nice to meet you - Snapio's Co-Founder, Alina Sherbakov

I have been a technology consumer since birth and a technology creator since 2015. I help business owners and entrepreneurs translate their ideas into real-life apps and websites which we create here at Snapio.

The Snapio team is the go-to local app development company specialising in mobile app development, website development, complex custom software development and provision of cloud services.

We combine our knowledge, experience and technical expertise (our founders have more than 20 years of experience in the industry) to bring software development to Australia as a first-of-its-kind all-inclusive service.

If you have an app idea, if you are a business owner that needs a website or custom software, or if you already have an existing development team but you need some expert advice or assistance - let's chat.


Turning ideas into reality

We build beautiful, powerful, and life-changing digital products to help transform your business or bring your idea to life.

When building a solution with Snapio, you are guaranteed:

  • 100% Australian owned & operated
  • Enterprise-grade technologies and methodologies
  • A Project Manager and complete project transparency
  • Agile delivery with quality assurance testing
  • Post-delivery application support and maintenance

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