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Custom Software Development

We live and breathe custom software development, and are experts in creating bespoke solutions that improve the efficiency, productivity, and competitive advantage of your business by targeting specific problems in a streamlined way.

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Mobile Apps Development

Want to build a great mobile app? At Snapio, we have experience in designing and building mobile apps using Xamarin & Ionic, cross-platform frameworks for developing apps that are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

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Cloud Services

Whether you want to build a new application that can be deployed into Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or need help with migrating legacy applications, we will make the process quick and easy.

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Website Development

Give your business or corporation the presence that it needs for the future to come. Showcase who you, your staff and your products are all about with a simple and beautiful website that is easy to maintain for the long term.

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UX & UI Design

Our designers are capable of translating an idea into a beautiful, clean, simple and easy to use user-interface for your website, mobile app or custom app, made with the latest design trends and lifelong design principles.

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Team as a Service

On-demand access to a pool of developers, designers, business analysts and project managers that can be added to your project as a single cohesive and trained team, when you need it most. The team is dedicated to your project. 

Our Process

Here at Snapio, we believe that digital development is about more than just creating mobile applications or websites that look good. We translate your idea into a scalable technology solution following a proven process.

Free Consultation

We always start with a free Zoom consultation, where you’ll speak with our Business Analyst/Project Manager to discuss your idea in detail. We will provide advice, approximate pricing and recommendations for the future.


Snapio will run one or more discovery sessions to hear your vision for a mobile application. Then, relying on its expertise and research, Snapio will architect a plan to execute your vision within current technology capabilities. Snapio will prepare a Proposal for you to review and accept.

UX/UI Design

Snapio's UX/UI designers will create a beautiful design curated with a smooth and practical user experience. The design process will fully involve you in every step, such as choosing colours, placement of elements, and overall look and feel. We will offer you a unique logo and branding package to enhance your app's uniqueness and creativity.


Our development team will turn your vision into a viable digital product using coding. You’ll be able to watch the progress and offer real-time feedback to ensure the end product matches your expectations. After we test to make sure your application works perfectly in the real world and on various devices, we’ll publish it live on your behalf.

Testing & Quality Assurance

When all features have been developed, Snapio will carry out testing of the whole application and handle all necessary maintenance and bug fixes reported to us during the testing period for no additional cost.

Launch & Deployment

When you decide, we will launch your application on your behalf and make it accessible to the public. If it's a mobile app, it will be submitted to App Store review.


We will leverage our extensive experience to ensure your application remains functional, stable and available for the long term. After your app is live, we will curate a customised ongoing support services package based on your needs.

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