"I have a great idea for an app but... how do I get started??"

Snapio introducing:

App Starter Power Hour

The online meeting that will get you out the door with an action plan for your app idea.

We always hear this from entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey.

"I have this great app idea but I don't know where to start."

"How much will app development cost? How do I do better than similar apps on the market? Is it even worth going ahead? How will I make money from this app??"

There are a lot of good ideas and keen developers out there but not enough information about what launching an app and sustaining an app in the long run is really all about.

It’s no wonder that the majority of apps don’t last longer than 2 years on the market, but those who succeed, seem to enjoy a stable income and a strong brand awareness.

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If you are still reading, then it’s clear that you want to be part of the minority that actually succeeds.


If you want to develop your own app…

If you want to learn how to start an app business…

If you want to understand how to create an app for your business...

If you want to get your message into the hands of thousands of people...

If you are tired of using cookie-cutter tools that are not a good fit for your organisation...

If you want to interact with your community and add real value to their lives...

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Then knowledge and preparation are going to be essential to your success.

We invite you for an 'App Starter Power Hour'

Sometimes all you need is one hour with a real professional in their field, to make sense of out it and help you see things from an outside perspective.

During the Power Hour, we will go through your app idea in detail together, speak about all the must-know and must-haves before you start, learn about the steps to creating an app. We will prepare a real action plan that is going to help you make the right decision, and cover all your most burning questions you cannot find the answers to anywhere else.

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Validate your idea

Get our honest opinion about your idea, in terms of viability and technical complexity. We will cover all the must-know facts.

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Learn from experts

We go through the steps to creating an app. Build an actionable list of steps to take as soon as the meeting ends.

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Get Answers to your Questions

Information about apps is not usually very accessible. We are ready to answer your questions honestly and to the point.

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Nice to meet you - Snapio's Co-Founder, Alina Sherbakov

A technology consumer since birth and a technology creator since 2015. I have been helping business owners and entrepreneurs understand how to start an app and what are the steps to creating an app.

I believe that creating an app only seems complex, but if you do it right - creating an app is not complex at all!

The Snapio team is the go-to local app development company of many Aussie app owners like you. If we combine the time and money we have invested in acquiring what we know - the value of our knowledge is estimated at at least 6 figures and 15 years worth of learning.

We have already helped more than 30+ people with their app idea, and can’t wait to help you too. If you think that you have a great app idea, we want to help you.


Questions you might have asked yourself

Please come prepared to provide as much detail about your app as possible.


  1. What problem are you trying to solve?
  2. Who is going to use your product?

This is why we call it a Power Hour!

We will make sure you have the answers to all your burning questions and at least 1 action item on your list to get started on your app idea and turning it into reality.

If you met us for a Power Hour and you are not satisfied for any reason, we will return your money.

Ready to make the first step towards starting an app?

App Starter Power Hour will make it simple.