Create your Own App - Free Business Plan Template

Want to create your own mobile app or web app but don't know where to start?

Our expert team has put together a FREE template to help you plan your app idea.

This template is not a regular business plan - it has been designed especially for app creators. This App Creation Business Plan Template will help you organise your app idea in a structured and simple document that is easy to work on and share.

Want to get a sneak peek of what is inside?
  • Part 1: Conceptualise the idea
  • Part 2: Research existing apps
  • Part 3: Define the Users
  • Part 4: App Features
  • Part 5: Monetisation
  • Part 6: Marketing
  • Part 7: SWOT Analysis
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The purpose of this template is to help you do the required thinking, planning and researching so that you can pinpoint your approach and maximise the success of your app going forward.

This template is suitable for people who want to develop their own app (either mobile or web) but are still at the beginning of their app creation journey and need some help in planning out their app.

By filling this template in, you will organise your app idea in a structured and simple document. You can share this with your business partners, potential investors, app developers or simply keep working on it on your own until you feel that are ready.

Yes, you may download, copy, adapt and fill in this template for your own personal use.

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