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Building Websites for Business Growth: From Concept to Clicks

The Internet is home to over 2 million websites, with around 576,000 new sites going live daily. Among them, approximately 62% are business websites or eCommerce stores.

Imagine the odds of your website reaching your potential customers.


Now, picture: Your audience somehow finds your business online but leaves it after a poor experience with your website.

It is why you need professionals for building a website for business.

Importance of Website Development Services

Today, the Internet is filled with platforms that provide you with free themes to create a site without the help of professionals. Then, why should you hire an expert?

There are lots of disadvantages of building a website using templates.

  • Template websites may look nice, but they make your site look similar to thousands of other platforms. And, it doesn’t give a good first impression.

  • They come with design limitations. For example, you cannot change the style of a site or add a personal touch to it.

  • Websites developed using templates aren’t flexible.

  • Template sites are responsive. For instance, a website may open well on a desktop but not mobiles.

Here’s how professional web development services resolve these problems:

  • Unique Identity

One of the significant problems with templates for websites is that they make your site look like thousands of other sites.

On the other hand, when you choose professionals for building a website for a business, you get custom web development services. It means you can build a business site that totally belongs to you. From a logo to colours and fonts, there are plenty of things you can decide for your website.

  • Mobile Responsiveness

Do you know around 80% of people do not engage with a website if it doesn’t display well on their mobile devices? An agency develops a website from scratch while keeping in mind that it should work well on all kinds of platforms.

  • More Leads and Sales

Web development services help create a custom website for your business, which gives a unique identity to your business. It puts your company/brand in good light, which increases the chances of your potential customers interacting with you and hiring/buying your products/services.

  • Increased Brand Awareness

It is no secret that people love the original. When you build a custom website, you get your potential customers a reason to believe that your business believes in originality. It helps increase brand awareness and make people aware of your brand and its services.

  • Improved SEO

Website development services can take your website's SEO to a whole new level by optimising its structure, improving page loading speed, and implementing responsive design for mobile compatibility.

Apart from that, developers can add SEO-friendly features to your site, such as clean code, proper tagging, and schema markup, ensuring search engines can crawl and index your site effectively.

All these things work together to improve your site’s visibility and higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

How Professionals Build Your Website

Building a website from scratch is a multi-step process. Professional developers consider your vision, business, goals, and target audience to ensure that you get a business website that reflects your company’s values while making it engaging.

  • Step 1: Collecting Information

Why do you need a website?

Do you want one to mark the online presence of your business? Is it some product/service that you wish to sell online? Are you planning to take your business to a global level? Is it an eCommerce store that you want?

A website development company will gather information to understand what kind of platform you need for your business.

  • Step 2: Planning

After collecting essential details for your website, the next step involves strategic planning.

Using the information, developers create a sitemap, essentially a hierarchical list of all website topics and subtopics. It helps them in understanding what should be the website structure and user navigation.

  • Step 3: Design and Development

Once the website's structure is finalised, the next step is to think of its appearance. It includes visual elements like photos and videos.

When working on the design and development part, it's necessary to consider your target audience.

For instance, a clothing brand will require a different type of website compared to one targeting pet owners. Tailoring your website's design to meet the preferences and needs of your target audience is essential for maximising its effectiveness.

  • Step 4: Testing and Launch

After the development part is complete, it's essential to conduct thorough testing before its launch.

It ensures the website's functionality and appearance are flawless. This includes checking all links and buttons, verifying spelling, and ensuring consistent display across different devices.

Once the website has been tested, the exciting moment arrives: the launch.

To launch the website, it must be uploaded to a server. After uploading, a final test is recommended to confirm everything is in order. With these steps completed, the website is ready to be viewed by the public.

A Trusted Agency for web development in Sydney, Australia

Are you planning to get a professional-made, custom website for your business in Sydney?

Snapio can help.

We are an 100% Australian agency that has been offering services of professional web development in Sydney, Australia for years. We use the most advanced technologies and methodologies to create websites that stand apart from the crowd.

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I have been a technology consumer since birth and a technology creator since 2015. I help business owners and entrepreneurs translate their ideas into real-life apps and websites which we create here at Snapio.

The Snapio team is the go-to local app development company specialising in mobile app development, website development, complex custom software development and provision of cloud services.

We combine our knowledge, experience and technical expertise (our founders have more than 20 years of experience in the industry) to bring software development to Australia as a first-of-its-kind all-inclusive service.

If you have an app idea, if you are a business owner that needs a website or custom software, or if you already have an existing development team but you need some expert advice or assistance - let's chat.


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We build beautiful, powerful, and life-changing digital products to help transform your business or bring your idea to life.

When building a solution with Snapio, you are guaranteed:

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  • Agile delivery with quality assurance testing
  • Post-delivery application support and maintenance

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