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Hire developers fast with Snapio’s Team as a Service

Covid-19 has pushed many more companies into realising that the good old days of working in the office and having on-site, in-house development teams are in the past. Not being in the office anymore, why does it matter if your team is here or in Belarus? We at Snapio are offering a new service called Team as a Service.

Team as a Service is going to revolutionise the way you think about hiring developers. For many, adding developers to their team is a lengthy, painful process that involves long hiring periods, costly ads, training and maybe the developer will not even be a good fit for your team, meaning that you have to both say goodbye and start it all again. Our talent pool has resources all over the world waiting to be lent out to you on a day to day basis.

Wait, what is the team as a service?

You will hire a small development team for a limited period of time and we will be your contractors. Our team will consist of at least 2 developers and 1 team-lead working for you and your project alone. The team lead will manage the team and ensure work progresses smoothly. We will also take care of all the admin tasks, salary payouts, sick leave and all HR related issues, You can communicate to the team through the team lead and the team lead will provide you with constant updates on the progress of work. If you want to add more resources or if anyone’s full capacity is not required, for example, if you suddenly need a member of the team for half a day rather than a full day of work, then we can easily make that happen with no hard feelings as we have enough work to distribute to our developers.

Why is Snapio good to providing Team as a Service?

Snapio’s ability to offer Team as a Service becomes possible thanks to our unique mix of Team Management skills, access to appropriate HR resources, access to pools of talent both on and off-shore as well as having more than 30 years of combined experience in the IT and Engineering Industry which has built our strong stance on quality.

While quality for us is uncompromisable, we ensure that our team members are constantly trained and monitored by Australian based Team Leads and Project Managers. This model offers significant cost savings while still ensures the provision of high-quality code and service.

Who is Team as a Service appropriate for?
  • Existing development teams, or businesses that want to add a development team to their company

If you already have an off-site, in house model and it’s working for you, then why not try Team as a Service. It is a painless way to expand your team and to gain from our incredible pool fo talent when you need us,

  • New startups which a huge project that we cannot estimate a fixed cost for

For those projects that cannot be pre-estimated as a fixed-cost solution. We will provide you with on-demand access to talent, a measure of quality control as well as a much less costly and lengthy process of acquiring technical resources.

Why try Team as a Service?

Team as a Service addresses your need of:

  • Flexibility - ability to add or remove skilled labour resources as per project and budget needs.
  • Dedication - focused Approach, as the team is not distracted by other side tasks.
  • Speed - faster development time as the team gets familiar with coding-style and code-base over time.
  • Cost-effectiveness - at least 40% cheaper than acquiring and managing a regular in-house team.
  • Quality - strict quality control of output produced by top rated Australian Software Engineers that are highly familiar with your project needs.

How is this different from outsourcing?

It is well known that many companies have been outsourcing their development for years. But this is not the same, our model is different.

Leadership in Australia - the key people, such as Technical Lead, Project Manager and Business Analyst, are located in Australia. That's important to keep the quality of the end product high. Key person can always attend the client on-site to understand better the current plan, tech stack and requirements. Our developers will be mostly located in eastern Europe and employed by SNAPIO.

Offload when you don’t need  - the good thing about our model, where Tech Lead, Project Manager, Business Analyst, is not needed to be full time on the project, means that we can always allocate the key person to be 50% of the time only on it, to attend standups, elaboration sessions and perform code reviews for developers. Then the client will pay only 50% of the daily rate for that employee.

Why Snapio?
  • Quality. Simply get what you pay for!
  • Warranty, security and after-care support. You will not be left mid-project or be given promises that cannot be followed through.
  • Being Local. Understanding Australian Markets and the Australian business needs
  • We are in touch with current changing Australian rules and regulations
  • Saving your TCE. What is TCE? This is the cost of your additional management, communication, and travel costs besides the salaries for programmers. It’s difficult to estimate those additional costs but generally, they account for over 20% of your outsourcing budget.

Try out period

There is no need to commit forever. Want to trial our model and see if it works for you? Let’s give it 2 weeks to see if it works for you. Get in touch with our team and we will provide you with rates, information about the trial and availability of our team.

New here?

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The Snapio team is the go-to local app development company specialising in mobile app development, website development, complex custom software development and provision of cloud services.

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  • Agile delivery with quality assurance testing
  • Post-delivery application support and maintenance

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