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There is more than just one way of solving a problem, and each developer will have a preferred way of solving it based on their expertise. If you are considering creating a web or mobile application for your business, you should be aware of what your product is made out of. In this article, we will explore the definition of tech stack, discuss its importance (or lack of?) and reveal the tech stack we specialise in here at Snapio.

What is tech stack?

A tech stack is a set of technologies that work together to build and run digital products like websites and mobile or web apps. It typically consists of programming languages, frameworks, databases, front-end tools, back-end tools, and applications connected via APIs.

Tech stack high level diagram

Why is tech stack important?

Like anything in life, a strong foundation is essential when we build something that we want to last. Whether we know what materials are laid in the foundation of the house, we trust the builder to have chosen the appropriate mix of cement, metal and wood. In technology, the tech stack acts as that underlying foundation in software.

In saying that, it's important to remember that while the tech stack is the "what", the skill and the thought behind using it is the "how". Skill, talent, thought, and technique is critical factors in determining how effective, secure, performant and user friendly the end result is. Our passion is to create applications that are robust, secure, easy to use, lightweight, durable and easy to maintain. We do this by carefully designing every piece of the architecture in advance and regularly following strict coding standards.

What is the best tech stack?

Each tech stack has a time and a place. Because different applications have different needs, some technologies may be more suitable than others to be part of the chosen tech stack. In many cases, the tech stack impacts the speed, the security, and the user-friendliness users will experience and the costs of its development.

Our clients and their end-users may not be able to recognise the technologies that make up their products. However, we recognise that their experience is greatly affected by these technology choices. That's why we are here for our clients to advise, direct and suggest based on our expertise in all technology choices we make together.

What is snapio's tech stack?

We strive to provide our clients with software that is secure, easy to load, relatively fast to develop and easy to maintain. We will always be on the lookout for the most innovative, reliable and performant technology choices. At this point in time, Snapio chooses to specialise in the .Net C# tech stack, meaning that we are a team of developers that live and breathe .Net C#.

C# is a programming language invented by Microsoft's tech giant in 2000. It has been gaining enormous popularity and constantly updating with time. While. .Net C# is used by tech giants Microsoft, Spotify, Salesforce, Samsung, Amazon, Intel, Cisco, Dell, GoDaddy and Xero (sourcesource).

While .Net C# is a back-end technology used on the server-side of the application, there are other technologies required to be used on the front-end and in other layers. Some of these complementing technologies that we choose to work with are:

Mobile Framework

Web Frameworks


  • SQL
  • NoSQL

Cloud Services

  • Azure DevOps
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Firebase

API Framework (Examples - not limited to)

  • GraphQL
  • Swagger

CRM (Examples - not limited to)

What benefits does Snapio's tech stack provide?

We have been working with this tech stack for decades for many reasons. Throughout our years working in the technology sector, we find that this mix of technologies often brings the most effective results in terms of security, scalability, cost, talent availability, and established community support.


There is no technology that is entirely immune to security issues. Still, some technologies were designed with a greater emphasis on security in mind and with greater security features. .Net C# is one of them and combined with following security practices and designing appropriate security measures it is considered a preferred technology of choice even for many government agencies. Besides, it has been found to have fewer security vulnerabilities compared to other technologies.


While scalability is very much dependent on how technology is designed and developed, there are a few benefits to using certain technologies. Using Cloud services such as Azure or AWS is an excellent way of scaling hosting to service more users. These services have great capabilities and are considered to be highly dependable. Using .NET C# allows us to scale due to different unique technologies to .NET C#, for example, reliable caching technology that helps to increase performance and scale as needed.

Available talent

Building a development team is difficult given the current skills shortage in the technology industry. .NET C# is one of the most popular programming languages; it is constantly updating and is widely used by many developers. This means that upskilling or hiring skilled developers might be easier than with other more niche technologies.

Community Support

Because programming languages aren't a platform or service with a dedicated helpline or IT support, having a large and established community where developers can seek help is essential in software development. A large base of community support is a good indicator of the stability of technology, something that our chosen tech stack has plenty of. In addition, .Net C# has vendor support established by Microsoft.

Does Snapio work with other tech stacks?

We have have expertise in a wide range of technologies far beyond the list of technologies mentioned above. If you have a specific requirement to develop in a particular technology, get in touch with us and we will be able to advise on a case by case basis.


As .NET C# experts, we have been developing software for decades. While tech stack plays an important role in the application's long-term success, what is even more important is who is developing the software and how it is developed. We live and breathe custom software development and are experts in building reliable software that improves your business's efficiency, productivity, and competitive advantage by targeting specific problems in a streamlined way. If you want to work with us, please contact us by filling in the form, and we will be happy to discuss it.

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