Inventory Search Software for car Manufacturers & Dealers

Qikcar is a powerful inventory search software used by car dealers and manufacturers, which allows the user to streamline searches for in-stock vehicles.

Its user-friendly design enables staff and customers alike to find the right car faster. By giving an overview of nationwide stocks, it eliminates the need to go through spreadsheets and other inventory control documents, which saves time and money, and in turn, increases sales.

Qikcar also provides a nationwide overview of stocks as well as accurate pricing, including on-road costs.

From the very early version of the Qikcar software, it has already been noticed by some of the industry giants. Today, the engine is used by Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Abarth & Jeep (FCA) as well as others.

  • Technologies

    SASP.NET MVC / C#, MSSQL, Umbraco CMS, Custom Tables, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, CloudFlare

  • Services

    Responsive Website Development Custom Members Area Data Manipulation Inventory Search Functionality Membership Based Restrictions Ongoing Support and Development

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