Youpin Property

The new way to find your dream home

The Mobile Application was custom designed by Snapio and caters to those who buy or rent and those who want to sell or rent out.

The Application’s main features are users’ ability to search addresses using a Google Maps integration, save addresses and view other properties that either group has saved. Users looking to sell can purchase contact information of those users interested in particular properties and can do so through In-App purchase, which would put them in touch with each other.

Snapio assisted AMA Empire Pty Ltd to conceptualise the idea, create a project plan, suggest an architectural design based on the system's needs, and provide AMA Empire with UI design services, software development services, and ongoing support services.

Key Features

Yoipinfeature (2)

Google Maps Integration

Seamlessly integrates Google Maps with the app

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In-App Purchase

Buy products in the app using the prescribed Apple and Android process

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Search addresses quickly and easily using Google Maps

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Account Management

Allow users to manage their own profile and add a profile picture and other information

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Create an account and log in to get back to your pinned addresses and purchased contacts

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Access Rights

Show different functionality to different users based on who they are

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