It's like Facebook for your car - Australia's first automobile enthusiast social media app

Vinbook is a social network first of its kind that serves the car lover and appreciator community. It is the place where workshops, technicians, car owners, and their cars get together to share and appreciate each other’s VINs: motorbikes, jet skis, planes, boats, trucks, cars, and even earthmoving equipment.

The app allows users to build their VIN’s story by uploading images over time, perfect to share with the world customisations and updates - ultimately striving to replace that service manual laying in your glovebox. For workshops and technicians, this is the perfect place to share their work with the world and earn more business from fellow VIN enthusiasts on Vinbook.

Snapio delivered Vinbook by providing software architecture, software development, and ongoing support services to support its long-term expansion and growth. The mobile app is usable on both iOS and Android devices and provides the client with a simple, easy-to-use administrator panel where the app can be managed. Already having more than 300 users in Australia in New Zealand, the Vinbook app is taking up the world one VIN fan at a time.

  • Technologies

    .Net / C#, SQL Server, Umbraco CMS, Ionic Framework, Angular

  • Services

    Mobile App Development Database Architecture API Development

  • Links

    Vinbook Website Android App iPhone App

Key Features


Infinite Scrolling

Loading of timeline posts continuously while scrolling down, resulting in a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.


Different User Types

Register as either a business or as a member and enjoy custom features tailored for you


Add image or take photo

Either select from an album or directly take a photo using the device's camera


Custom Menus

Fill in forms easily using a user-friendly custom drop-down menu editable from app admin panel


File Management

Manage your photos through a user-friendly form allowing you to upload, delete and rearrange your files



Interact with your friends by adding comments to posts

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