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Our Software Development Process

Building apps on budget and time is our speciality. We do this by following a precise process our Australian development team has established and proven over the years. While different projects may require different sets of professional skills, there is no doubt that a uniform approach to problem-solving is the way to go. Here at Snapio, we have developed our own proprietary development process; a process that has been established, tested, proven, replicated and perfected over the years. Let us show you how we would approach your project and what would each step entail.

Snapio High-Level Process Diagram

Our high-level process

1. Proposal

We always start with a free online consultation, where you’ll speak with a professional to discuss your idea in detail. Then, we will provide advice, approximate pricing and recommendations for the future.


  • Free


  • 30 - 60 minutes

How to book?

What else do I need to know?

Give us a call or send us an email with your ideas, questions, request for a quote, or specifications document if you have one. Our team will study your case and send you an invitation for an online 30-minute consultation meeting on Google Meets. We are all about protecting your intellectual property and privacy, so we are happy to sign an NDA if needed at this stage.


During the consultation, you are likely to experience the following achievements:

  • Join Online Meeting on Google Meets
  • Snapio will ask questions to understand your project idea better
  • Snapio will provide answers to your burning questions
  • Receive a Proposal, Ballpark figure or Recommended Next Steps

Some Questions to help you prepare

  • Who does the app help?
  • What does the app help people do?
  • Are there other similar apps on the market?
  • Which steps have you already taken?
  • Is this a web app, mobile app, or both?
  • Are there any specific third-party services the app has to talk to?
  • Is the app open only to members?
  • Are there any payments via the app?
  • How important is a beautiful design to your users?
  • How will the app be distributed?
  • Is there a set timeframes & budget for this project?
2. Planning & Scoping

We take substantial pride in our plan first do later approach to software development. It is no secret that according to the Project Management Institute, projects that are poorly planned are 21% more likely to be behind schedule and 13% more likely to be above budget compared with projects well planned, that are usually ahead of schedule (3% ahead of schedule), on-target budget (3% below budget) and require fewer change orders (7% of budget compared with double of that for poorly planned projects.

We will consider best-case scenarios and fit a solution for your needs. We will estimate time costs and suggest a tech stack to solve your problem within your budget and timeframes. Our projects plans are written once at the beginning of the projects and then evolve with time, as requirements, needs, wants and technology change.

Discovery session

The discovery session is an organised, purposeful meeting that will cover topics related to both the business (e.g. pricing) & user experience aspect as well as the technical details such as functionalities and security.


  • Get to know each other
  • Get on the same page (project direction & expectations)
  • Define users & processes
  • Note down any non-functional requirements
  • Minimise the risk of developing the wrong product
  • Enable Snapio to design a solution & prepare project documentation

Snapio Prepares Project Documentation

  • We will prepare the Scoping, contract, legal, planning and detailed project documentation.
  • Our experienced Project Manager and Development team will organise the requirements and conduct the necessary research to design your app.
  • A certified architect will design the system & carefully select the technology choices.
  • We will break down the project into milestones and estimate time & costs.
  • If needed during this time, we will reach out via email.

Review the Project Plan together

  • Join Online Meeting on Google Meet to go through the complete documentation and ensure all questions and concerns are heard.
  • Please provide any feedback within five business days - a round of revisions is included if you'd like to make any amendments.

Snapio Project Plan Table of Contents

Sample Project Plan Table of Contents - enough detail to make sure you know what we are developing ahead of time

Snapio Sample Project Plan

Sample Project Plan by Snapio - document saturated with diagrams, technical design and wireframes

Snapio Sample Time Management Plan

Sample Time Management Plan - Our timeframes are based on careful time management planning

3. UX/UI Design

Snapio's UX/UI designers will create a beautiful design curated with a smooth and practical user experience. The design process will fully involve you in every step, such as choosing colours, placement of elements, and overall look and feel. In addition, we will offer you a unique logo and branding package to enhance your app's uniqueness and creativity.

Create your custom Mood Board

  • Snapio's UX/UI designers will design a custom Mood Board to reflect your brand's identity through colour and inspiration pictures.
  • Review the mood board and provide feedback - revisions and amendments are welcome. This mood board will be the first step toward creating a curated, and custom made design that reflects your unique identity.

Snapio Designs Custom UX/UI

  • Snapio’s designers will work with the wireframes and the mood board to put the two together and transform the B&W wireframes into beautifully designed screens that are functional, easy to use, and esthetically pleasing.
  • Design principles such as proximity, white space, and many others will ensure a smooth and practical User Experience.
  • Snapio's UX/UI designers will design a unique App Branding Package theme for your app, including fonts, and a suitable colour palette based on the Mood Board. We will also provide a logo that will perfectly suit your brand if needed.

Review the UX/UI Design together

  • Join Online Meeting on Google Meet to review the complete design file and ensure all questions and concerns are heard.
  • A round of revisions is included if you'd like to make amendments to colours, placement of elements, and overall look and feel.

Digitise the UX/UI Design into Code

  • Once the design is approved, the graphic design will need to be converted into code. Snapio’s frontend developers are specialised in transforming the visual design into Skeleton Code. In addition, some code can have logic applied to it (backend coding).

Snapio Custom UI Design Sample

Sample Custom UI Design - be in charge of every small detail of the final result as well as branding

4. Development

Using coding, our development team will turn your vision into a viable digital product. You’ll be able to watch the progress and offer real-time feedback to ensure the end product matches your expectations. Then, after we test to make sure your application works perfectly in the real world and on various devices, we’ll publish it live on your behalf.

Develop the app

  • Snapio team will progress with development as per the project plan using our iterative methodology.
  • Track the progress with Azure Boards to see how the project is progressing.
  • Have contact access to a dedicated Project Manager who will be in touch with you when required or when milestones are achieved.

User testing period

  • You will have access to a test version constantly updating with new features as they come up.
  • On particular agreed before milestones, we will require feedback from you before progress.

Provide Feedback

  • We will require you to provide us with your feedback to tune your app or website up to standard.

Snapio's Sample Task Board

Sample Taskboard - we use advanced project management tools to keep you and the team up to date on where the project is at

5. Testing & Quality Assurance

When all features have been developed, Snapio will test the whole application and handle all necessary maintenance and bug fixes reported to us during the testing period for no additional cost. At this time, we promise to be available for answering your questions and provide a response to any enquiry promptly.

6. Go Live

We will launch your application on your behalf and make it accessible to the public when you decide. It will be submitted to App Store review if it's a mobile app. We can work with your marketing team to ensure that you launch at a particular hour. Additionally, we will take care of wiring up all your third party services such as payment gateway, AdMod using your given accounts ahead of time so that your app or website can be functional from the get-go.

7. Support

We will leverage our extensive experience to ensure your application remains functional, stable and available for the long term. Furthermore, after your app is live, we will curate a customised ongoing support services package based on your needs.

What can support include?

  • Fixing bugs and malfunctions with the system
  • Urgent care and retrieval for system failures
  • Monitoring your hosting server to ensure it is secure and available 24/7
  • Watching all your third-party bills so that you don’t have to worry about critical service suddenly being unavailable without you noticing
  • Adding additional features and requests
  • Updating third-party services, operating systems and other services the app is dependent on to ensure that you are always up to date with all the latest technologies.
  • Advising you of new updates coming out in the tech world ahead of time so you have time to prepare

Our vision as your trusted, Australian based software developer is to help you succeed over time, and therefore we are more than happy to support you in the long term. Some of our clients have been working with us for nearly ten years - for us, this is a testimony of a real value-add relationship that we aim to have with you and your business.


There is no right way of computer programming but there is definitely a correlation between project planning, following a methodology and overall project success. We have engaged with more than 400 business owners and constantly perfected our methods so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that you deserve. Do you have a project you’d like to share with us and get our professional opinion on? Our team would love to get to know your business and your app or website idea and apply our proven method for your particular needs.

New here?

Nice to meet you - Snapio's Co-Founder, Alina Sherbakov

I have been a technology consumer since birth and a technology creator since 2015. I help business owners and entrepreneurs translate their ideas into real-life apps and websites which we create here at Snapio.

The Snapio team is the go-to local app development company specialising in mobile app development, website development, complex custom software development and provision of cloud services.

We combine our knowledge, experience and technical expertise (our founders have more than 20 years of experience in the industry) to bring software development to Australia as a first-of-its-kind all-inclusive service.

If you have an app idea, if you are a business owner that needs a website or custom software, or if you already have an existing development team but you need some expert advice or assistance - let's chat.


Turning ideas into reality

We build beautiful, powerful, and life-changing digital products to help transform your business or bring your idea to life.

When building a solution with Snapio, you are guaranteed:

  • 100% Australian owned & operated
  • Enterprise-grade technologies and methodologies
  • A Project Manager and complete project transparency
  • Agile delivery with quality assurance testing
  • Post-delivery application support and maintenance

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